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Cypripedium arietinum R.Br.

This is a Wisconsin Endangered species. Therefore percise location information is available only through a password gotten by contacting the WIS herbarium (608) 262-2792

HABITAT: "Bog"; growing on wooded sandy ridges
COLLECTOR: Sieker, W.E. ; COLL.NO.: s.n.
DATE: 6/12/33

HABITAT: bog; Spruce, White Cedar, and Tamarack; soil temp. 52
COLLECTOR: Curtis, J[ohn] T. ; COLL.NO.: s.n.
DATE: 6/3/34

HABITAT: growing on the tops of stabilized dune/mounds in a dense Thuja occidentalis forest; plants may be outcompeted by Aster macrophyllus which grows densely in the vicinity
small population of ca. 30 plants; many seedlings of all sizes present. Pollen appears to be covered w/ fungal parasite & inviable since crossing 2 fresh flowers did not result in pod production- this is the only record of this site
COLLECTOR: Gibson, Thomas C. ; COLL.NO.: s.n.
DATE: 6/6/87

COUNTY: Manitowoc
HABITAT: COLLECTOR: Dassler, Albert W. ; COLL.NO.: s.n.
DATE: 6/8/1891

COUNTY: Milwaukee
HABITAT: center of a tamarack swamp, with acaule; seems restricted to certain tracts of the swamp while acaule was found growing in abundance everywhere
in full bloom but by no means as abundant as acaule
COLLECTOR: Carlton, Edward [P.] ; COLL.NO.: s.n.
DATE: 6/2/1890

COUNTY: Oconto
HABITAT: N edge of dense Larix stand and on S edge of a thinner stand of Thuja. A small yard square patch of sphagnum was found near it. C. calceolus and C. Reginae are found within 30 ft.
about 2 dozen plants were found in a 10 foot square area.
COLLECTOR: Liesner, Ronald ; COLL.NO.: s.n.
DATE: 6/19/65

COUNTY: Oconto
HABITAT: Top of dry hill. Under small opening between white pine and Thuja. Together with Pyrola. In deep go[u]rge.
1 four stemmed plant. This stem 28cm. high and with 3 leaves
COLLECTOR: Liesner, Ronald ; COLL.NO.: s.n.
DATE: 6/11/65

COUNTY: Ozaukee
HABITAT: swamp
COLLECTOR: Wadmond, S.C. ; COLL.NO.: 1477
DATE: 6/4/26

COUNTY: Ozaukee
HABITAT: swamp
COLLECTOR: Sieker, W.E. ; COLL.NO.: s.n.
DATE: 6/8/31

COUNTY: Ozaukee
HABITAT: swamp
Ram's Head Lady Slipper
COLLECTOR: Sieker, Wm.E. ; COLL.NO.: s.n.
DATE: 6/8/31