Platanthera L. C. Richard

The Rein orchids, bog orchids, fringed orchids

Platanthera leucophaea, the Eastern prairie fringed-orchid

The name Platanthera is derived from the Greek terms meaning "wide anther", and refers to the characteristic Richard felt distinguished Platanthera from Orchis and Habenaria. However, the primary characteristics that distinguish Platanthera from these two genera are the absence of stigmatic processes and ovoid root-tuberoids. As currently defined, the genus contains about 85 species, distributed throughout the temperate and boreal regions. Particular centers of diversity are found in eastern Asia and the southeastern United States. Wisconsin is home to 10 species. This genus is the subject of my dissertation research. I am investigating molecular evolution and adaptive radiation of Platanthera, particularly as it relates to pollination biology. To find out more about my research, and see a preliminary molecular phylogeny of the genus, click here.

  • Platanthera clavellata
  • Platanthera dilatata
  • Platanthera flava var. herbiola
  • Platanthera hookeri
  • Platanthera hyperborea
  • Platanthera lacera
  • Platanthera leucophaea
  • Platanthera obtusata
  • Platanthera orbiculata
  • Platanthera psycodes

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