List of Genera

Below is a list of all the genera of orchids native to Wisconsin, for those who wish to access individual taxa without proceeding through the key. Clicking on most genera will lead to a page listing the taxa in that particular genus; clicking on monotypic genera will lead right to the page for that species.

You may wish to access the species using keys.

  • Amerorchis
  • Aplectrum
  • Arethusa
  • Calopogon
  • Calypso
  • Coeloglossum
  • Corallorhiza
  • Cypripedium
  • Epipactis
  • Galearis
  • Goodyera
  • Liparis
  • Listera
  • Malaxis
  • Platanthera
  • Pogonia
  • Spiranthes
  • Triphora

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